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Created 5-Jun-12
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Julia Carter’s paintings are no less than visual kaleidoscope. To experience her work is to be assured beyond the world of adult-ism that life is a bounteous cornucopia with luscious moments to drool over and savor.
One cannot help but appreciate the small, telling dramas of not-so-ordinary life portrayed with a luminous imagination.
To know Julia is to realize, what she paints is who she is. And who she is permeates the canvas. Her art is a unique sharing in which she reveals her sense of humor and her joy in the simple splendors of visual sorcery.
Who else but Julia Carter could perform such wizardry? Her intuitive insight and vibrant oil’s dance like a beam of light across the canvas. Her art exhibits an offbeat style, emphasizing asymmetry and breaking the "mold" with an explosion of color in a loose, yet systemic arrangement. Imaginative and lush, curious patterns and ethereal aesthetics pull the viewer beyond the surface of a two dimensional space, luring them to take a closer look. To witness her art is to be joyfully taken under her spell.
A Horse with No Shamecolors that nourishcolorful abundancepapayasblue urnpulled ashoreout on a limbcake walkmi casa es su casafunky townaddie tudejust a bunch of assesfor mr. matisseooh la lacommissioned painting-1541 Gracewood Lanecommissioned painting- Ghanatango in paradisethe taos innJulia Carter-www. juliacarterart.combigkahunas

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Don Hudson(non-registered)
Hi Julia:

I'm a fellow Whiffenpoof of your Dad, Ken Sharp. I have a nice Haitian painting by Gesner Abelard, circa 1965, and would like to sell it. Do you take paintings on consignment? We are now in MA, but will return to Vero in mid-Oct. The painting is here, but I can bring it with me. Can e-mail you a photo.

If you don't do this, please tell me which galleries do.

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