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Created 5-Jun-12
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My journey with clay began in college, where I experienced an awakening to the fact that what I had always been good at no longer captured my fascination. Ferreting out the mysteries of math and science was not as interesting as addressing the questions that art explores. Art asks questions that don't have definitive solutions or concrete objective answers, but instead offer mysteries with endless opportunities for exploration.
The act of creating is what brings me joy, and what I create serves to bring joy to others. I have immense respect for what has come before me...for the thousands of years ceramic art was made by virtually every people since civilization began. I desire to be a link in this long chain of craftsmen, paying homage to my clay ancestors while aggressively persuing my own contemporary sensibilities. I choose clay because I love the material itself, as well as the diversity of the process involved in transforming it. The physical act of manipulating and throwing satisfies an athletic side of me. Making surfaces that celebrate the earthiness of clay and the ethereal qualities of glass glaze is exciting. And most coveted is the quiet, meditative act of conceiving the work and its careful creation. The abundant natural forms and surfaces around me offer inspiration. Oceanic life is a boundless source of fascination for me, as well as the lush, tropical flora and fauna in my native Florida. My intent is to bring joy to others by offering evocative and provocative work.

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