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Created 4-Oct-17
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I have had a camera in my hands from the time my grandmother gave me a fully manual, 35mm Canon FTb as a little girl. The moment I looked at the world through the viewfinder and pushed the shutter release, I fell in love. Whether I am capturing the natural beauty of our amazing world, freezing a special moment in time, or showcasing the unique beauty and personality of a portrait client, I approach my work with an eye toward creating an image that conveys the feelings of the moment. I particularly love photographing sunrises and sunsets because I am not only taking a pretty picture - I am capturing the hope and promise of a new day and the peace at the end of a day. My wave photography is fun because the power and beauty of the moving ocean and the dance of the water as waves break and crash evoke excitement, wonder and energy that is like nothing else. I shoot whatever inspires me any given day. My goal is to capture images that evoke in the viewer the raw emotions I feel while I am shooting. My work will make you sigh. And smile. And feel. Not to mention, it will make your house look pretty! :)
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