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Tiger Lily Art Studios and Gallery was established in 1992 and was formed for the sole purpose of creating an environment that supports and encourages each artist’s own unique process. That purpose still remains today. The public is invited to visit their gallery and studios located in an old historic church in downtown Vero Beach, Florida.

As advocates for the arts, leaders in the community, professionals and educators, the women at Tiger Lily are deeply committed to impacting their community through their art and their life’s work. Each of the six women is guided by an inner vision that gives her work meaning.

Their art is shown in various galleries and exhibitions, and is housed in museums and private collections across the United States.

Acrylic 72 x 72             Colorful Rain             $9,750Acrylic 72 x 72 Colorful Rain $9,750

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AddressTiger Lily Art Studios and Gallery
1903 14th Ave.
Vero Beach, FL 32960
United States
Daytime phone(772)778-3443
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Tiger Lily Art Studios and Gallery is owned and operated by a group of 6 highly accomplished and professional women artists; Julia Carter, Kirsten Kowalski, Shotsi Lajoie, Travis Blanton, Sharon Sexton and Glenda Taylor. The gallery exclusively features their work.
Our mission is to support and encourage the creative process as a collective group of diverse artists. The original work at Tiger Lily covers a wide spectrum of mediums and styles; including paintings in oils and acrylics, water color, wheelthrown and hand built ceramics and ceramic sculpture, stylized pottery, contemporary mixed media, hand made tiles and mosiacs.

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