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"Painting is a dance. It is a dance between the eyes and the hand, the hand and the brush, the brush and the canvas, the brush and the paint, the paint and the canvas... and when it all flows, the mind says, "Ah yes!" and the heart says "Ah yes!" and the spirit says "Ah yes!" and you soar, feeling both exhilaration and peace. It is this exquisite cooperation and connection of self with creation, that drives you to paint again and again and again."

Cristina was raised in Beirut, Lebanon and attended high school in Rome,Italy. She moved to Washington DC when she was 18 and was graduated from Georgetown University. She continued her education at the Corcoran School of Art to pursue her interest in fine arts. Cristina seeks the integration of her dual spirits, the Eastern and the Western one. Some of her pieces incorporate Arabic calligraphy/Middle Eastern motifs into western themed artwork. Her work is narrative, drawing from significant events in her life. Flowers are a common theme, and she acquired a love of flowers from her grandmother who grew roses. Natural found elements feature prominently in her murals. She paints in oils, acrylics, and water colors and hand builds ceramic pots. Cristina moved to Vero Beach in 2010 after living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Washington D.C.
Cristina AbizaidBrushes out in my StudioWisteria VineSpring Sunshine"Fairlee Wisteria""Your Favorite Spot""The Art Of Sleeping""In The Beginning""Bending Over Backwards For You"Holding It All Up"Your Mom's Roses and Hydrangeas"I'm sorry roses from FrankThe Long Goodbye"Iris and Red Rose" pastelDark HorseGalloping Through WavesPrickly PiñaMaryland Crab Ceramic RattleWindsweptMarsh Flower

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