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I fell in love with clay the first time that I touched it. There is something both sensual, yet childlike, about having your hands in clay and feeling it squish between your fingers. Clay, with it's unique ability to bestow a three dimensional quality allows me to explore narrative themes in my work. My love of color and storytelling comes from an art filled and imaginative childhood and is influenced strongly by the wonderful works of Paul Gauguin and the more contemporary painter, Ann Morley. Both human and animal foibles offer a rich and endless wellspring for my art. My skewed sense of humor finds delight in both the ribald and absurd expressions of daily life. I hope that my work provokes, titillates, confounds and amuses the viewer.
Cat Man DeuxPatron Saint of Lost TimeImageThe true story of Goldilocks and the three bearsred man jackDogmabird braincat's pajamasrare sighting of alligator mating ritualThinking inside the boxMama Fixes Baby Earl's Favorite DinnerDance of the devil food dude and the angel food chickBetween a Croc and a Hard PlaceOriginal Sinwhen she was bad, she was horridBaby EarlIMG_0006Baby Earl's Favorite Lunch2Baby Earl's Favorite Lunch8Baby Earl's Favorite Lunch3

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Jalita Johnson(non-registered)
wow! These are fantastic and each in their own way. I love them all! The vivid colors, depth and humor in each piece makes it very hard to choose a favorite :) Congratulations!
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